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The Pullman-Standard built Pacific Trail was ordered by Union Pacific in 1950 and numbered 5430 when placed into general service—meaning it would serve where needed on trains all over the system. Built as a long-distance chair car, it featured plenty of leg room. Each pair of seats had its own window, venetian blind, reading lights, and decorative curtain on the pier panel between each window, quite nice for a coach!

This class of car—in fact, all 152 sister coaches built by ACF, St. Louis Car Co. and Budd—also featured decorative artwork on the coach compartment bulkheads, large men’s and women’s restrooms with several washstands, and rubber floor covering with inlaid designs.

Union Pacific sold 5430 and several sisters (5423, 5426, 5429, 5436, and 5445) in 1970 to Penn Central. 5430’s new owner, renumbered her PC 3003 and used her and her sisters to (GASP) … equip the famous Broadway Limited, formerly an all-Pullman sleeping car train with coaches.

The advent of Amtrak on May 1, 1971, brought the wholesale discontinuance of much of the rail passenger system in the United States. Amtrak bought the best of the passenger cars from the various railroads and Penn Central 3003 became Amtrak 4403. After serving across the Amtrak system through the ’70s, the car was retired and sold at public auction in 1981. We purchased her in 1983 and have delighted in seeing her preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Pacific Trail has returned to the mainline and fulfilled one of our dreams—her reunion with the Overland Trail out on the “High Iron”.

You can ride on the Pacific and Overland Trail fully-restored rail cars of yesteryear on many of the LA Rail public excursions—especially the Vino Train which runs from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and return on many weekends, or charter them both for a nostalgic adventure for your private group to anywhere in the United States on the Amtrak System.

Manufacturer:Pullman Standard
Built for:Union Pacific Railroad
Year Built:1950
Service on:UP General Service
Weight:70 tons
Capacity:44 day
Trucks:Outside Swing Hanger disc brakes
Top Speed:110 MPH

Pacific Trail Floor Plan


1950 Pullman Standard 44 seat long-distance coach from Union Pacific. Comfortable, roomy seating for day trips. Up to 44 passengers.