PACIFIC SANDS was delivered to the Union Pacific Railroad in April of 1950. Part of a total of 50 Pacific Series sleeper cars delivered by the Budd Company that year, the Pullman Company and Union Pacific had high hopes for the future expansion of rail travel by re-equipping the “City” trains with sleek, modern stainless steel cars. The early fifties was the high point of the showdown between the train, automobile and airplane, and UP, Pullman and other railroads were coming out fighting!

Half of the Pacific fleet was delivered in the famous two-tone gray Overland paint scheme, the other half in Union Pacific’s Armor Yellow, Gray and red Streamliner colors. By 1953, all of the cars had been repainted to yellow.

PACIFIC SANDS first operated by the Pullman Company until the late 60’s, when the Pullman Company was dissolved and operation of the cars were taken over by the Union Pacific Railroad. PACIFIC SANDS was a regular on all of the “City” trains—the City of Portland, City of Los Angeles and City of San Francisco among others, and provided classic Pullman service in its 6 double bedrooms and 10 single roomettes until Amtrak’s formation on April 1, 1971.

The Pacific car fleet was one of Amtrak’s best sleeper fleet in the 70’s and 80’s mostly due the excellent maintenance provided by its previous owner.

PACIFIC SANDS lived through the purple and orange interior decor of 70’s, and was redecorated to it’s current interior in the late 80’s. During the 25 years of Amtrak service, all of the Pacific cars were scattered through out the country in various Amtrak trains, but most, including Pacific Sands, finished their service with Amtrak on the East coast routes, including Autotrain, as the West Coast routes were re-equipped with Superliners. A few Pacific cars still serve Amtrak as crew dorm cars.

PACIFIC SANDS was rescued into private ownership in 1996, after 46 years of railroad service. The exterior has been beautifully restored and polished to a partial Pullman / Union Pacific paint scheme by Pacific Sand’s first private owner. It has also been mechanically upgraded to all current Amtrak and FRA safety standards. Pullman Adventures acquired the car in 2003, and is currently restoring the interior of the car to its glory days of the 1950’s while adding modern travel conveniences.

Manufacturer:Budd Company
Built for:Union Pacific Railroad
Year Built:1950
Service on:UP Cities/City of Los Angeles
Weight:70 tons
Capacity:22 day/night
Construction:Stainless Steel
Trucks:Outside Swing Hanger UP Design
Top Speed:110 MPH

Pacific Sands Floor Plan


The Pacific Sands is a 6 bedroom, 10 roomette originally configured and refurbished sleeping car. A removable partition allows two bedrooms to be made into a suite which sleeps 4. Roomettes sleep one and have a comfortable lounge chair for daytime riding.

The Pacific Sands in San Diego
The Pacific Sands in San Diego
Roomette Accommodations
Roomette Accommodations
Bedroom Accommodations
Bedroom Accommodations
The Pacific Sands in the 1980s
The Pacific Sands in the 1980s