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Experience the Thrill and Pleasure of a Private Rail Charter

Experience the world of Private Rail Car travel

Most often groups charter private cars for travel to sporting events, special events, or to create a special atmosphere for a birthday party, wedding, company outing, or company Christmas party.

Private rail cars are also useful for board meetings, executive outings, and other business functions like company seminars, where the group is free from outside interference. Private rail cars can also be utilized in special trains as unique convention events for larger groups.

It’s truly a way to create a unique, memorable event.

Our cars are available for private charter to anywhere in the USA on the Amtrak System. A charter on the vintage railcars of LA offers a unique opportunity to excite your guests with an experience of a lifetime they’ll not soon forget. Our traditionally attired and attentive crew, (which might include a chef, bartender waiters and porters, depending upon the nature and length of your trip) will cater to your every need with the quality and elegance of classic 1940s first class rail travel.


To begin with, nothing compares to the romance, mystery and adventure long associated with deluxe rail travel… but add-in the festive nature of the holidays and a private rail car, and your guests will have their senses overwhelmed.

Although LARail’s historic railcars capture the feel and style of a bygone era, they are fully equipped with all the modern safety systems present in even the newest of any railroad’s fleet. Our cars are certified for operation at speeds of up to 110mph and can travel to any city in the US currently served by Amtrak.